Entrance to the office and warehouse.

John's last day with the remaining crew at Lathrop.  6-29-2017

The End


 Retiree luncheon moving to Mountain. Mike"s Pizza on Louise Ave in Lathrop, CA   2nd Wednesday at 11:30am

1-2-208 - Former members passing away in 2017 - Frank Juardo, Ronnie Jenkins, Frank Mason, Ron Roeszler, Larry               Banks and Mike Bowerman.(32301)

4-16-2018 - Henry Castillo passed away.

5-1-2018 - Jerry Heimstra retired

5-21-2018 - New Union meeting location. See contacts page. (32354)


Local 418G is now Local 18-4 after amalgamation with Local 18 in Modesto. The Lathrop plant is down to 5 employees.

Union meetings will be held every 3rd Saturday at 9:00am in the NVLF office. The office is located at 417 7th St. in Modesto.

The Local President is Martin Nuno.

The end of glass making at the Lathrop, CA. Pilkington plant came to an end on the morning of January 29, 2014. It's been four years since production stopped and the float, bath and lehr buildings are torn down. The Company still maintains a warehouse on the former LOF property.

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